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Francesca Simion

Francesca Simion
Full Professor

Telephone: 0498276522 
Address: Via Venezia 8
E-mail: francesca.simion@unipd.it




Research areas:
Newborns’ capabilities, neural bases of cognitive processes in early infancy, face recognition in newborns, biological constraints of perception and cognition in early infancy, visual cognition and brain development, memory and earning in human infancy.

Short CV

Full professor since 1986 at the University of Padova. Since 1994 till the present year, organizer of the first of a series of conferences on “Brain development and Cognition in human infants” funded by the European Science Foundation. Partner in a Biomed project funded in 1997 by CEE is still collaborating with two European Laboratories: MRC in London (Birbeck College) and CNRS in Paris (Université René Descartes - Paris V). Director of two laboratories for infants' observation, one in the Paediatric Clinic of the University of Padova and the other in the Hospital of Abano.
Pubblications : 110.

Member of: International Society for Infant Studies, International Society for Developmental Psychology, European Society for Developmental Studies.
Board member: Developmental Science, British Journal of Developmental Psychology, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.
Associate editor: Psicologia Clinica dello Sviluppo.


Articles in Journals (from 2002)

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Books and Chapters

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Presentations at Conferences

Simion F., Turati C., Valenza E., Leo I. (2006). Perceptual cues underlying face preference in the first months of life. Invited speakers at ICIS Conferences, XVth Biennial International Conference on Infant Studies. Kyoto, Japan, June 19 – 23.
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Simion, F., Turati, C., Macchi Cassia, V., Leo, I. (2005). The origin of the social knowledge: the case of face recognition at birth. Invited speakers at Convegno in Onore di Luigia Camaioni, Roma 23-24 Giugno.
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Simion F. (1994). Organising commitee member ESF Research Conferences, Development of sensory motor and cognitive capabilities in early infancy, Acquafredda di Maratea, Italia, October 8–13.




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